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Not to be confused with stucco, plastering is the combination of multiple ingredients to form a protective or decorative coating that can be used on both ceilings and walls. It can also be used for molding and casting of decorative features. The powder that is used in this mix is also called gypsum. This plaster can be added to brick, masonry, concrete, and anything in between. We can ensure that your home or business will be better for it. So let our experts at Chandler Stucco Contractors ensure that all your plastering needs are met. On-time and most importantly within budget.


This material is perfect for your interior walls. It is perfect for those looking to not just protect their internal walls but also looking to add that aesthetic look and appeal. Many of our clients use this material to create beautiful molded features. These include but are not limited to ceiling roses, cornices, corbels, and everything in between. The most common solution we use when it comes to plastering contains a mixture of gypsum, lime, cement, mixed with water and sand. So have a look through our wide range of options and let’s get your home interior walls looking their best.

Plaster VS Drywall

This is one of the most common conundrums our clients face when considering the state of their home’s interior walls. What many of them do not realize is that modern day plastering solutions provide many more advantages than drywall. While drywall may be better suited to the office space due to its cost-effective nature. Plaster offers a lot more insulation, fireproofing, and soundproofing in the residential space. This is why we also encourage our clients to rather opt for the plastering solution. To find out more about this unique and popular residential solution, give us a call today and our experts will assist you in any way possible.


Often our clients are simply not aware that plaster can also be used on the ceilings of their homes. The reason for applying plaster to one’s ceilings can be multiple. It is the perfect way to hide any exposed wires or tubes. This is especially useful for ceiling lights and air-cons. While it has many practical applications, ceiling plastering can also simply be used for decorative purposes. These are just a couple of the questions you need to think about before deciding on what service to use on your ceilings. To get the upper hand, give us a call and our experts will pop round and give you a hand.


While plastering is a fantastic method to help add that something extra to your home, it does come with one or two drawbacks. Chief of which has to do with its appearance levels. Plastering can develop defects such as blistering, cracks, peeling, flaking, and much more over time. This may be caused by poor application at the install stage. Or can simply be put down to general wear and tear. Luckily for our clients, we offer a range of after-sale services which will help ensure that your plastered surface always looks it best. So call today and put our name to the test.


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