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Stucco Repair

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While stucco is an incredible product that can last many, many years with little maintenance, this does not however ever mean it is impervious. Ant area of damaged stucco, which may have fallen away or come loose, must be immediately repaired by using the correct restoration process. This needs to be done to the highest standards and all the correct procedures need to be followed. Any deviation will just result in the problem reappearing. So if your stucco solution is looking a little worse for wear, give our experts a call today, and let’s get it sorted together.

When To Repair?

By no means to, we want you to panic about every little crack that may be appearing in your stucco solution. Small cracks should not concern you right away. However, they should raise the alarm that a stucco repair job may soon be required. Should the crack widen to more than 1/8th of an inch, you know it needs repairing. This process is completed by first preparing the affected area, and then by adding small amounts of stucco to fill in the cracks. While this may seem simple enough to the average DIY Joe, it is always best left to the professionals.

Should I Seal It?

Due to the nature of this material, many of our clients are simply unsure of the need for sealant. The simple answer is yes. Your stucco solution can and should be sealed to give it that extra layer of protection against any moisture that may try to be absorbed. If new, the best solution when it comes to sealant choices would be clear concrete or masonry sealer. This will penetrate the stucco solution and stop any moisture from entering the surface. Simply put, adding a high-quality sealant will just increase the lifespan of your stucco solution.

Is It Waterproof?

Stucco by its very design is water-resistant. Not waterproof, but water-resistant. If it is not done correctly and starts to crack, water will have a way to enter your walls. The most reliable solution we can offer is to apply a waterproof solution on top of the stucco finish. This can be achieved by using waterproof paint or sealant. The choice is yours. So if you are unsure why so many cracks have suddenly appeared, we can bet you that you may have some waterproofing issues. Your best bet is to call us immediately and one of our experts will come to have a look.


While it may require some repair from time to time, stucco by its very nature is extremely durable and really can stand the test of time if correctly completed. By simply giving it a good hose down now and again, filling any small cracks that may appear, and generally keeping a good eye on it, stucco will last longer than you do. This ensures that you can enjoy your home‘s attractive exterior for many decades to come. So now that you have seen just a bit of what we have to offer, we encourage you to get in touch right away.


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